Anna Stewart from Nakkertok claims her second gold medal at the Candy Cane Cup. Xavier Lefebvre and Justin Boudreau of Montérski are first and second in the Open Men’s race

Temperatures were a bit cooler today at Nakkertok Ski Centre today, and the cooler temperatures made for very fast conditions out on the racecourse. The older athletes were racing 2 laps of the course, in a skating, interval start race totalling just under 5 km.

Thunder Bay native Anna Stewart, who skis with the Alberta Insurance World Cup Academy, claimed her second gold medal of the weekend, finishing just over a second ahead of Élie-Anne Tremblay of the Skibec club in Quebec City. Ruby Serrouya of Revelstoke, BC finished 3rd another 6 seconds back. Élie-Anne was the also the top U20 skier.

Anna Stewart: “Today’s race was interesting, very short course and super fast snow with the icy conditions made for quick times and sketchy downhills. My body is getting a little tired from a fairly heavy month of racing, but I am looking forward to the 10k classic race tomorrow!”

On the men’s side Xavier Lefebvre of Longueil, Montérski won by a 15 second margin of his teammate Justin Boudreau, the top U20 racer. Guillaume Pelchat of Pembroke was 3rd and Nakkertok’s Luke Allan with Dartmouth College was the top local racer in 5th. Lefebvre and Pelchat both race for out of the Pierre Harvey National Training Centre in Quebec City.

Xavier Lefebvre: “It went really well today. The course was really icy, really hard, so the most important thing was to stay on your skis and ski well all the way and have a good glide. It’s 5km, it’s really short. I sprinted all the way up. But there’s still some good rest on the downhills. The skis were great, so I’m really happy.”

Luke Allan: “There was tough conditions today, a bit icy and rough from many other skiers racing beforehand. Tomorrow is a 10k classic race, so I am hoping to step it up and be on the podium”.

In the Paranordic competions, Nova Scotia XC and uOttawa racer Emma Archibald was the winner in the standing class.

It was a sprint race for the younger racers with some strong local results:

U14 Girls

  1. Esther Lavigne, Cantley, Nakkertok
  2. Alice Leblanc, Gatineau, Skinouk
  3. Zoe Allina, Ottawa, Nakkertok
  4. Ella Trudel, Chelsea, Chelsea Nordiq

U16 Girls

  • Evelyn Davies, Ottawa, Nakkertok
  • Mikayla Kennedy, Chelsea, Chelsea Nordiq

U18 Girls

  1. Addison Frank, Ottawa, Nakkertok
  2. Inès Bosse-Thompson, Gatineau, Skinouk
  3. Kaitlin Dustin, Ottawa, Nakkertok

U14 Boys

  1. Kobe Thompson, Ottawa, Nakkertok
  2. Félix Dion, Ottawa, Nakkertok

U16 Boys

  1. Oscar Brun Del Re, Chelsea, Chelsea Nordiq
  2. Owen Siderius, Ottawa, Nakkertok
  3. Evan Rebane, Ottawa, Nakkertok

U18 Boys

  1. Mathieu Lacasse, Gatineau, Skinouk

Sunday’s races will be 10 km individual start races for the open classes. The event starts at 8:30 am.

Complete  results:

Photo credits : Rob Smith

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